Paulantinautius divinatio at UdK Rundgang 2010



(Paulantinautius divinatio) are deep sea octopuses belonging to the family of Bathypolypus arcticus. They normally life in depths from 1900m and below. Their most famous specimen was just brought back to its original environment after beeing very popular and known as Paul the "WM-Krake". 

The researcher calculated that they use wavelength between 650 to 750nm and 420 to 494nm (humans would see this as blue and red colors) to perceive their surroundings and to navigate safely in deep sea. They use a frequency range between 3234Hz and 8038Hz to communicate with each other and discuss their last predictions. With a very special swim bladder, never seen before, they are able to move up and down. With a part of their body, that looks like a water propeller, they are able to move forward.

Unlike normal octopuses (having three hearts) the Paulantinautius has four hearts. The researcher was not able to finish an axiom of choice, but we do know that these creatures got tendencies to soothsaying the future.

Researcher: Bernhard Bauch

Place: Medienhaus Udk Berlin

From: 16. July 2010 - 19:00
To: 18. July 2010 - 19:00