Yet Another Google Hack

With the use of Google and some link-modifications a webloop should be generated. This server returns the content of Googles i'm feelling lucky search-results. 
E.g. the request http://yagah.stupidius.net/microsoft.html will probably show you Microsofts Website. 
But what about the loop ? All occuring links in the returend websites are changed to local links - so all links on the site will revere to Yagah itself. That means, you will (hopefully) never find a link that brings you to another server - so you're stuck here in Yagah. Every link takes you to another Google i'm feeling lucky result containing one or more words of the displayed links... 
The question. What will happen if Google begins to scan its highest ranked (*) search-results ? Will Yagah be 'ranked' by Google? 
What about Google ? Why Google ? We all know Google - everything that exist is google-able. Things that can't be found with Google, do not exist. The basic idea was do build a webserver that traps Googlespider by faking unlimited crosslinked content on this server. The question was: what content? What would be better than already high ranked content served by Google ?
Blog: http://scatterart.blogs.sonance.net/category/work_yagah/