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Auditive insight into Gernot Untergruber

17. July 2012

The auditive insight is a sonification of Gernot Untergrubers neural stimulations, as effected by visiting his website. While accessing the areas (Thoughts, Dreams, Environment and Activities) through...

media: web, sound

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11. June 2012

Our bots are compiling and uploading hundreds of ebooks on with text stolen from the comments on YouTube videos.

media: web, text

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Gernot Untergruber

07. October 2011

  The website tells you stories about what is happening in the life of Gernot Untergruber. He is constantly growing, learning, developing and changing like a child, trying to sense...

media: web, text

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15. October 2009

  The grand opening of IDA NOWHERE, the new space for artistic collaboration based in Neukölln, Berlin, is closing in! At 19:00 on October 16th the doors will open to a vernissage with photography, installations...

media: web, photo, video, sound, installation, animation

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Transit 2

13. May 2008

media: installation

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12. June 2006

watch demo video:

media: web, photo, video, sound, installation

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Gesehenes gehört

01. May 2006

Anstoss zu diesem Projekt war der Film „Der geflüsterte Film“ von Nina Rippel. Dieser Film soll die Wahrnehmungswelt der Blinden für Sehende erklären; gleichzeitig aber auch für Nicht-Sehende sinnvoll...

media: video, sound

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Centrope - Skathucz

08. February 2006

Centrope in ZahlenSkathucz Bernhard Bauch, Nina Kataeva 2005 Video zum Centropeprojekt (siehe The idea is to visualise facts and impressions of the involved cities with numbers and...

media: video, animation

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KES - Tous Les Soirs

01. January 2005

Recording for the 4th studio album began. 

media: music

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