The grand opening of IDA NOWHERE, the new space for artistic collaboration based in Neukölln, Berlin, is closing in! At 19:00 on October 16th the doors will open to a vernissage with photography, installations a number of live performances.

IDA NOWHERE is a collaboration project across the art forms, both for local and guest artists. Driven by Ida Nowhere and 5 resident artists (Bernhard Bauch, Caro Bräuer, Chris Gad, Peter Mankowski, Johanna Rustad), IDA NOWHERE is a focal point not only for exhibitions but also workshops and social events.


Eröffnung & Vernissage
Freitag, 16. 10. 2009 / 19 Uhr

Featured Artist:
Bernhard Bauch, Caro Bräuer, Leila Garfield, Carolina Gumz, Karolina Jacewicz, Sonja Kirschning, Kollateralschaden, Petert Mankowski, Christopher McBride, Sven Millitzer, Therese Persson, Brandon Rosenbluth, Florian Reischauer, Johanna Rustad, Giulia Spugnoli, Eva-Sophia Sutter, Valquire Veljkovic

Kabare Pupala (Marionettenkabarett)
Town’s Syndrome (Akustikkonzert)


Ausstellung & Cafébetrieb
17. 10. 2009 – 01. 11. 2009
Do – So / 15 – 20Uhr

Samstag, 7. 11. 2009 ab 19 Uhr
als Teil von Nacht und Nebel


Caro Bräuer, Chris Gad, Peter Mankowski, Johanna Rustad

Place: Donaustrasse, Berlin / Neukölln

From: 17. October 2009
To: 07. November 2009