Projects & Works / Media: sound

Recording session with Gisberg Schürig

soundmusic25. May 2019
Gisberg asked me to support him with his latest album recordings as a drummer. He came along with his computer and synthesizer and we recorded drums for like eight songs.
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Sound collection of Ristarhliðs

websound19. July 2012
Traveling around in Iceland in July/August 2012 i started recording the sound of Ristarhliðs while cars are driving over. A Ristarhlið is a metal gate that is put into the road. First...
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Auditive insight into Gernot Untergruber

websound17. July 2012
The auditive insight is a sonification of Gernot Untergrubers neural stimulations, as effected by visiting his website. While accessing the areas (Thoughts, Dreams, Environment and Activities) through...
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Die Weisheit mit den Löffeln ...

sound07. February 2011
Ein Stück für drei Esser sechs Lautsprecher drei mit Sensoren ausgestattet Löffel drei Suppen oder Müslis Essen mit manipulierten Löffeln. Jeder...
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soundinstallation16. October 2009
Part of the Exhibition @ IDA NOWHERE:   Zur allgemeinen Sicherheit und vorallem zur Wahrung des Rufes der Künstler wird die gesamte Ausstellung auditiv überwacht. Hier kö...
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webphotovideosoundinstallationanimation15. October 2009
  The grand opening of IDA NOWHERE, the new space for artistic collaboration based in Neukölln, Berlin, is closing in! At 19:00 on October 16th the doors will open to a vernissage with...
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4.8h Hausstellung

photosound27. August 2009
27. Juni 2009 berlin / neukölln entlarvt von: Caro Bräuer Manu Kindermann Bernhard Bauch ----------------------- "Tape End": Bernhard Bauch rekursiv / tape...
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Ears Are Wings

websound21. August 2009
A world for listeners. Geotagged sound recordings.
Recordings not centered on a specific place (country or city). this site can be used as an acoustic travel diary. People blog their recorded...
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Tape End

soundinstallation27. June 2009
rekursiv / tape end/ tapes end / wieder und wieder / das ende der musikkassette zelebrieren und das wiederholt / das ende einer ära / analoges kopieren / reproduzieren / immer das selbe - aber...
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Terroristencasting (Stream Admin)

webvideosound20. February 2009
Beeing part of the Terrostistencasting Team - i was responsible for the webstream. Details see website ...
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